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OER - Open Educational Resources

This guide is for OER-doers that need more advanced guidance beyond adopting an established open textbook with ready-made supplemental materials.

Intro to Adopting and Adapting

How do I get OER into Blackboard and tweak content for my class?

These videos, people, and links (inside selected boxes) can show you how to do that.

Adopt - Through Follett

Adopt - Import to BlackBoard

Adapt - Through Remixing

Why and how do I make an OER remix? has the easiest-to-use remixing tools. To find the docs about how to make remixes, go to the LibreTexts homepage, explore one of the libraries, and enter 'remixer' in the search box. Or you can talk to ASU faculty who've done this before.


Portrait of Dr. Jesse Taylor
Dr. Jesse Taylor
Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics

Portrait of Dr. Dennis Hall II
Dr. Dennis Hall II
Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics

Adapt - With Licenses

How can I use others' OER in my OER project ... and follow the law?

OER can use any one or more of six licenses within it. You choose a license for your work and acknowledge the other OER authors and licenses in your work. This video helps you think through challenges with licenses.

Please note: To use materials in your OER that have

  1. 'All copyrights reserved', even with no affixed copyright notice that you can see, or
  2. no Creative Commons license or public domain notice with it,

... you'll nearly always need to get permissions from the copyright holder.