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This guide highlights resources available on the general topic of Mathematics.

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QA1-939 Mathematics
  • QA1-43   General
  • QA47-59   Tables
  • QA71-90   Instruments and machines
  • QA101-(145)   Elementary mathematics. Arithmetic
  • QA150-272.5   Algebra
  • QA273-280   Probabilities. Mathematical statistics
  • QA299.6-433   Analysis
  • QA440-699   Geometry. Trigonometry. Topology
  • QA801-939   Analytic mechanics

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algebra, algorithms, applied mathematics, axis, binomial, calculation, calculus, coefficient, complex number, composite number, coordinates, decimal number, differential equation, equations, exponentiation, fraction, geometry, graph, imaginary numbers, infinity, integers, irrational numbers, logarithm, math, mathematicians, mathematics, negative numbers, numbers, polynomial, prime, statistics, theorem, three-dimensional, topology, transcendental number, trigonometry, two-dimensional, vectors

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