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Searching ASU Databases


Are you new to ASU? Has it been a while since you needed to do research? Here are some short videos to help you get started searching in ASU Databases.

NOTE: If your instructor has asked you to watch library videos and take quizzes, you need to do that through the Information Literacy course in Blackboard. The course should be listed under your Blackboard list of "My Courses" in the left navigation menu.

Critical Thinking About Information

There is a lot of information available in our databases and out on the Internet. This video will help you think critically about what you find when doing research for your assignments, work, or personal interests.

Evaluating Information for Reliability

This tutorial will help you make better choices when selecting items to use as sources in your research. Learn how to evaluate what you find and match it with your information need.

Popular vs. Scholarly Resources

Information sources can be created for specific audiences. Learn how to identify the differences between popular and scholarly sources.

Using Keywords & Synonyms

Increase your chances of finding what you need by identifying keywords and using synonyms.

Boolean and Truncation

This video shows you how to truncate your search terms and explains how to use Boolean Operators. Boolean Operators are a very powerful tool you can use to give the database directions on what information you need.

Searching with Subjects

Subject searching is a great way to find information about your topic, focus your search on something specific, and find more resources like one you already have. Learn how to search by subject in this video.

Finding Full Text Resources

Learn how to find the full-text of articles when you don't see a PDF or HTML link.

Interlibrary Loan

If we don't have it, we can usually get it for you. This tutorial shows you how to use our free interlibrary loan service.

Understanding Plagiarism Video

Angelo State University takes plagiarism seriously. Learn about plagiarism in this video.

Avoiding Plagiarism

This video provides some tips on how to avoid plagiarising.

Understanding Citation

Giving credit to others through citation is an important part of research and, when done properly, can help avoid plagiarism. Learn about citation in this tutorial.

Getting Started with Citation

This tutorial can help you decide which citation style to use for your research and shows where to find information on how to properly cite your sources.