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Angelo State University Digital Repository: Home

The ASU Digital Repository is where you can post papers, data sets, speeches and more! Researchers use search engines, social media, and library search to find what you post on the open web.

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Why do we have this service? How does it benefit me as a faculty member?

The ASU Digital Repository helps you share research that complements your main publication efforts and is built for the modern Web. Through our service, you can maintain your copyright, keep sharing simple, comply with funding rules, and preserve your research and workflow for the long term.

Open access to preprints, postprints and research data from the ASU Digital Repository may give you:

  1. Broader impact
  2. A citation advantage
  3. Chances for early teamwork

How do I use the ASU Digital Repository?

If you're faculty at ASU you can submit many outputs you've authored through this service. While your department may assign someone to review your content, there's no review from the Library other than for technical matters. Students can also submit their work, but only if an ASU faculty member sponsors them.

Please consider uploading your work in any of the formats listed below. They're easier to work with and preserve for the long-term.

Recommended file formats
Text .pdf, .xml, .epub
Data .tsv, .csv, .db, .db3, .sqlite, .sqlite3, .xls, .xlsx
Images .tif, .jp2, .png, .jpg, .svg
Audio .wav
Video .mp4

For further information, please see ASU's policy document:

PPM 13 (repository policy)

Before posting your work to the open web through this service, please consider the following:

  1. Did I create it while employed or enrolled at ASU?
  2. Do I consider it a contribution to my field?
  3. Am I the copyright holder or do I have permission to share it?

If so, let’s post it.

First, click on your department's link below.

Second, choose the "Shibboleth" option, and login with your ASU-ID (Ramport login). Afterward, you'll see a form.

Screenshot highlighting Shibboleth login button

Third, upload your main file and other files that may go with it, click-and-dragging them to anywhere on the form screen. Fill out at least the title and date on the form.

Screenshot highlighting title and date fields and where to drag and drop files
Fourth, read ASU's license carefully and check the box. Please ensure you have the rights to grant this license. Click "Deposit" to complete your submission.

Screenshot highlighting checkbox for license

Note: If you need to finish or revise a submission later, go to ...

... Click on "Edit" under the title of your submission to finish it.

Screenshot highlighting edit button on user submission screen