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Information Literacy Awareness Month: Home

Natl. Info. Literacy Month

Information Literacy at Angelo State University

Governor Perry has declared October to be Information Literacy Awareness Month. The proclamation can be read below. Information Literacy is a fundamental aspect of education, encompassing the ability to locate, evaluate, and utilize information. As such, it enables students to "learn how to learn" throughout their lives. The Porter Henderson Library's (PHL's) Mission Statement recognizes its importance and the role that the Library plays in imparting this crucial skill. The PHL's Library Instruction Mission Statement further elaborates on this point, stating:

 "In keeping with the University’s mission to create a learning centered environment and prepare students to be productive and responsible citizens, the Porter Henderson Library instruction program teaches information literacy skills enabling students to locate, evaluate, and effectively use information. Librarians encourage the development of these skills by providing instruction to individuals and classes and collaborating with the university community to integrate information literacy into academic programs.

The library is committed to instruction that respects the diversity of learners and learning styles, emphasizes active learning, and incorporates the latest trends in available technology and pedagogical approaches. Learning outcomes drive the instruction activities designed, which are regularly assessed to guide revision and improve teaching and learning. By offering the university community opportunities to become effective, efficient information consumers for the 21st century, the instruction program’s expected benefits are to prepare students to be successful in their current academic experiences and future careers, as well as becoming lifelong learners."

Governor Perry: October is Information Literacy Awareness Month