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2019 E. James Holland Symposium on American Values: “Intelligent Conversation and American Values.” Distinguished Speaker: Mr. Kyle Emile: Speaker Information & Other Dialogue Resources

Kyle Emile & FreeIC

Kyle Emile I am a conglomerate of many different things. I represent no specific group of people, instead I have chosen to merge them. I navigate through an untraditional world with many traditional values. I was born in a city but raised in a small town. I read Nietzsche, Jung, and Plato while listening to Jay-Z, Michael Jackson, and Rick Ross. I am a former student-athlete who chooses to play chess in his free time. I was raised in an 80% white state while graduating from the most ethnically diverse National University. I keep up with technology blogs in between my workout days. I pay my tithe and use the rest of the money to buy sneakers. I speak the current slang and write in Modern English. I buy clothes from the preppy and get haircuts in the ghetto. I talk with the nerds, play with the jocks, and make jokes with the class clown. I want to learn everything, live forever, and help solve all the world's problems—the worst part is that I believe I can do it.

More information about Mr. Emile can be found on his website and Linkedin. You can also follow him on Twitter

More information about Free Intelligent Conversation (FreeIC) can be found at

Groups Promoting Conversation And/Or Dialogue

Other groups promoting conversation/dialog but of a more political nature include the Kettering Foundation's National Issues Forums, National Institute of Civility Revive Civility resources and programs, the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation, and Everyday Democracy.

Selected Multimedia Interviews / Presentations

More Sources Available at his Website