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The ASU Library celebrates freedom for Black Texans and all African Americans!


Juneteenth heart composed of the Pan-African flag's colors

This Research Guide honors the freedom of all African Americans

A Proclamation on Juneteenth Day of Observance, 2022

Recent articles and pages on the Web:

The Story We’ve Been Told About Juneteenth Is Wrong: The real history is much messier—and more inspiring.

For comparison, see some of the other articles/sites listed below.

The Long History of Our New Federal Holiday: Juneteenth 

From the United States Capitol History Society

Meet Opal Lee, ‘grandmother of Juneteenth’ 

The elderly Texas native whose activism contributed to the creation of the national holiday.

Juneteenth: The History of a Holiday:

On June 19, 1865, enslaved African Americans in Texas were told they were free. A century and a half later, people across the U.S. continue to celebrate the day, which is now a federal holiday.

The Story Behind Juneteenth and How It Became a Federal Holiday

History and celebrations.

Library Resources in the Spotlight:

Juneteenth : The Story Behind the Celebration - Library eBook

"Juneteenth has been touted as a national day celebrating the end of slavery. This is the first scholarly book to delve into the history behind Juneteenth. Using decades of research in archives around the nation, this book helps separate myth from reality and tells the story behind the celebration in a way that provides new understanding and appreciation for the event." 

Juneteenth: Fact Sheet - Online U.S. government document

By the Congressional Research Service for the United States Congress, this document is continually updated.

Lone Star Unionism, Dissent, and Resistance : Other Sides of Civil War Texas - Library eBook

Not all Texans supported the Confederacy. Included are essays about Texan slaves, freedmen and freedwomen, Tejanos, German immigrants, and white women who all took part in the struggle, even though some never found themselves on a battlefield. The final chapter provides a history of Juneteenth, the emancipation of Texas slaves, and the history of celebrating the holiday.

Juneteenth Texas: Essays in African-American Folklore - Online book, Library print book 

Covers African-American folklore, including reminiscences of African-American folk culture in Texas, studies of specific genres of folklore, information about Texas-African food-ways, studies of specific performers, information about songs and other folklore.

Juneteenth / A Novel by Ralph Ellison ; edited by John Callahan - Library eBook

More about Black culture and history than Juneteenth itself, this novel is by the African American author of the acclaimed The Invisible Man.

Library Display - Celebrating Juneteenth


Library display of Juneteenth books



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