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Information Literacy Instruction


This guide is intended to provide assistance to faculty wishing to fulfill information literacy (critical thinking) outcomes in their courses. Librarians are happy to provide in-person instruction; this guide features additional video tutorials teaching information literacy concepts.

The Association for College and Research Libraries defines information literacy as "the ability to locate, evaluate, and effectively use information." This guide is divided into each of those three areas, with videos and assessments provided to teach corresponding skills.

Our Recommendations

Flipped classroom style

Students complete video tutorials housed in Blackboard to introduce critical thinking about information and basic research skills followed up with an Information Literacy Workshop for active learning exercises using relevant search terms and resources.

Out-of-class: Approximately 50 minutes of homework (36 minutes of videos, 15 minutes of assessments) for each module.

Current Tutorials

  • Critical Thinking about Information
  • Evaluating Information for its Reliability
  • Understanding Popular & Scholarly Resources
  • Overcoming Bias
  • Keywords and Synonyms
  • Boolean & Truncation
  • Finding Full Text Resources
  • Subject Searching
  • Understanding Plagiarism
  • Avoiding Plagiarism
  • Understanding Citation
  • Getting Started with Citation


Students complete a short assessment for each video

During Class: schedule a Research Librarian-led Information Literacy Workshop in the Library's ILC (during Priority Weeks) or in a computer classroom (anytime during the semester): 50 or 75-minute sessions. Please contact Kimberly Wirth or Mark Allan to make arrangements for distance learning courses.

Select 1-3 outcomes to assess, which could include practicing:

  • Database searching techniques with a worksheet
  • Locating articles for a research paper
  • Evaluating various types of information
  • Developing a logical position that acknowledges contradictions

Note: if you would like a customized course-related worksheet, please let us know a week in advance and we’ll create one, staff time permitting.

Critical Thinking Student Learning Outcome (SLO)

These tutorials help meet the Critical Thinking Student Learning Outcome.

  • Critical Thinking about Information
  • Evaluating Information for its Reliability
  • Understanding Popular & Scholarly Resources
  • Overcoming Bias

Enroll Your Class

Use the following link register your course for access to our Information Literacy Tutorials with Quizzes. Select the sections you’d like to enroll and click “enroll selected classes.” Your course will be enrolled within the next business day.

When you’d like to check your students’ grades, please use the following link and your ASU login credentials: Grades.

Schedule a Session

If you'd like to have a librarian teach information literacy session(s), Use this Library Instruction Request Form. You may also contact Kimberly Wirth or Mark Allan.

Kimberly Wirth, Coordinator of Information Literacy/Research Librarian, at (325) 486-6527 or

Mark Allan, Assistant Director for Research and Instructional Services, at (325) 486-6535 or

What Do You Think?

Please let us know what you think.These course materials were developed to complement the General Studies course and all other courses with a research assignment Instructors of all subjects are welcome to use them.