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2023 E. James Holland Symposium on American Values: Patrick Jagoda and Ashlyn Sparrow - GAMES AND AMERICAN VALUES: Home

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GAMES AND AMERICAN VALUES: The Values of Games: Economics, Art, and Culture

Dr. Patrick Jagoda and Dr. Ashlyn Sparrow are the featured speakers at the 2023 E. James Holland Symposium on American Values. Their topic will be The Values of Games: Economics, Art, and Culture

The event takes place March 23.

View the rest of this Research Guide (including the tabs above) for more information on the times and location of the Symposium, Drs. Jagoda and Sparrow, their publications and gaming projects, and relevant ASU resources.

Since its inception, the Symposium has brought more than 50 nationally prominent scholars, academicians, and policy-makers to the ASU campus to provoke thought and discussion on a range of themes. A collaboration of students, faculty, and administrators, the Symposium is dedicated to improving the overall academic environment of the University and committed to exploring the national character as expressed in issues related to American values.

Portraits courtesy of Jason Smith, originally used at UChicago News.

2023 Library Foyer Symposium Display