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ASU Writers Conference in Honor of Elmer Kelton, 2018: Home

Award-winning poet and memoirist Brian Turner and 19 other writers will present and discuss their works works at the 22nd annual ASU Writers Conference in Honor of Elmer Kelton, Thursday and Friday, February 22-23.

Brian Turner -- This year's featured writer

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The English and Modern Languages Department invite you to attend the 22nd Annual ASU Writers Conference in Honor of Elmer Kelton, Thursday and Friday, February 22-23.

Please visit the Conference web page for information about this year's featured writer, Brian Turner. 

This Research Guide highlights selected biographical information and books available in the Porter Henderson Library or other full text or media available through the web or our databases. Additional Information about this author can be found on his website.                  

Library Display for the 22nd Annual Writer's Conference

Conference Schedule / Program

22nd  Annual Writers Conference in Honor of Elmer Kelton

February 22-23, 2017

Please note there are two venues this year, the University Center Conference Center and the University Auditorium, which is located on the west end of the Mayer Administration Building.  


Program for Thursday, Feb. 22


9:30-10:45      “A Conversation with Brian Turner” [UC Conference Center]

11:00-12:00    Session One Jerry Craven (poetry) and Drew Geyer (fiction) [UC Conference Center]

12:00-12:15    Special Presentation High: School Contest Winners [UC Conference Center]

2:00-3:15        Session Two: Fazlur Rahman (nonfiction), Chuck Taylor (poetry), and

          Connie Williams (poetry) [UC Conference Center]

3:30-4:30        Session Three: Sherry Craven (poetry) and Jeffrey DeLotto (nonfiction) [UC Conference Center]

7:30-8:30        “An Evening with Brian Turner” [University Auditorium]


Program for Friday, Feb. 23


9:00-9:50        Session Four: Matt Byars (poetry) and Dana Glossbrenner (fiction) [University Auditorium]

10:00-10:50    Session Five: Micah Heatwole (poetry) and Terri Tucker (fiction) [University Auditorium]

11:00-11:50    Session Six: Alan Birkelbach (poetry) and Karla Morton (poetry) [University Auditorium]

2:00-3:15        Session Seven: Brock Kingsley (nonfiction), Michael Rather, Jr. (poetry), and

                        Charlotte Renk (poetry) [University Auditorium]

3:30-4:45        Session Eight: Mark Mellon (fiction), Logan Seidl (poetry), and Loretta Walker

                        (poetry) [University Auditorium]


FMI: visit or call (325)486-6142

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