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Using EBSCO eBooks

Reading eBooks online

EBSCO’s online eBook Viewer supports reading on desktop or laptop computers and tablet devices.
Note for Mac Users: Schubert|it PDF reader plugin required to read eBooks online using EBSCOhost'a eBook Viewer tool.

To read an eBook within your browser, click the PDF Full Text link or EPUB Full Text link. Either links can be found on
the Result List

or the Detailed Record

How many concurrent users does an EBSCO eBook allow?

Most EBSCO eBooks (with a few limited exceptions) can only be read online or checked out by one person at a time.

To determine the number of Concurrent Users, aka the number of copies per EBSCO eBook title available for simultaneous access by different users, go to the detailed record of an EBSCO eBook and locate the entry Concurrent User Level towards the bottom of the record (depending on the screen size of your device, you may have to scroll down to locate the relevant information).

For EBSCO eBook titles that only allow a limited number of concurrent simultaneous users, the Concurrent User Level entry will read Limited User Access followed by number of copies available. In most cases, only 1 copy of an EBSCO eBook is available, which means only 1 user at a time will be able to read that eBook online or check it out and read it offline.

Some EBSCO eBooks allow up to 3 concurrent users, which means there are 3 copies of the same title available for access.

Only a select number of EBSCO eBook titles are available for unlimited simultaneous user access.

Making eBooks available for others to use after reading them online

eBooks that are being viewed/read online can be made available to other users in one of two ways:

  1. “Close” the eBook you are viewing/reading and make it immediately available to the next user by clicking one of the following:
    • The Result List link in the top toolbar of the EBSCO eBook Viewer
    • The New Search link in the top toolbar of the EBSCO eBook Viewer
    • The Detailed Record link next to the small book cover image on the left side of the EBSCO eBook Viewer interface
  2. After 30 minutes of inactivity EBSCO eBooks left “open” in a browser window are automatically made available to other users.

Placing a hold on an eBook currently in use by someone else

If all copies of an EBSCO eBook with limited access are in use, the moment you attempt to either read the eBook online or try to download/check it out, you will encounter a “Sorry, this eBook is in use” message.

To be notified when a copy of that eBook is available for access, you can place a hold. on it.  From the pop-up window that displays, click on Place Hold.  If you are not already logged into your personal EBSCOhost account, you will need to sign in by clicking on the Sign In Now link provided.

  1. Sign into your My EBSCOhost account:

  2. Enter your e-mail address in the field provided and click the Place Hold button:

The eBook is placed in the Holds area of your My EBSCOhost Folder.

When the eBook becomes available, you are notified via the e-mail address you provided and the eBook appears in the Checkouts area of your folder.  You will still need to download the eBook and open it in Adobe Digital Editions in order to read it offline or transfer it to other mobile devices.

The Hold Queue line will tell you how many other individuals have placed a hold on that same title and are ahead of you, waiting for it to become available to access.