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OER for Angelo State: Creating OER

Open Access Resources - a guide, resources and tools for the use and creation of OER. For more information contact Jenny Hock .

Using OER

Consider copyright

If you're using copyrighted material, please keep in mind the need to comply with the law. NEED COPYRIGHT GUIDE + CONTACT

Creating open textbooks

Several guides are available to help open textbook authors:

  • Authoring Open Textbooks, from the Open Textbook Network, features a checklist for getting started, case studies of publishing programs, textbook organization and elements, writing resources, and an overview of useful tools.
  • Open Education Self-Publishing Guide, from BCcampus, provides details on the preparation, planning, writing, publication, and maintenance of an open textbook. Copyright, open-copyright licenses, and the differences between citation and attribution are discussed, as well as the importance of copy editing and proofreading. Checklists and templates also are provided.
  • Open Textbook Toolkit, from several universities in Canada, is for faculty who want to create their first open textbook. Sections cover stakeholders, technology, copyright, accessibility, production, and classroom use.
  • OER: A Field Guide for Academic Librarians, from Pacific University Press, a division of Pacific University Libraries, ntended to act as a guide writ large for would-be champions of OER, that anyone—called to action by the example set by our chapter authors—might serve as guides themselves.
  • Guide to Making Open Textbooks with Students, from the Open Textbook Network, is a handbook for faculty interested in practicing open pedagogy by involving students in the making of open textbooks, ancillary materials, or other OER.
  • REBUS Community,  A Custom Project Management Tool for Open Textbook Creators. Rebus Projects
  • Into to Pressbooks Faculty Edition - TDL Webinar

iBooks Author: This free software from Apple is easy to use when creating iBooks. The software is only for Mac computers, and iBooks can be viewed only on iPads and Mac computers. Supporting resources:

  • Publishing with iBooks Author: An Introduction to Creating Ebooks for the iPad. By Nellie McKesson, Adam Witwer. Publisher: O'Reilly Media / Tools of Change (free iBook available in the iBook store)
  • Creating Accessible iBooks Textbooks with iBooks Author. Carl and Ruth Shapiro Family National Center for Accessible Media (NCAM) at the WGBH Educational Foundation (free iBook available in the iBook store)

OER Commons - Links to the authoring platform from OER Commons. Use Module Builder to create interactive content or Open Author to create course materials using text, files, images, etc. You will be prompted to set up an account to use this platform.

Google Drive | Google Drive Help
Drive allows you to create web-hosted documents, presentations, forms etc.

Pressbooks: This web-based software lets you create ebooks in a variety of formats: PDF, Kobi (for Kindle), Epub, and others. The basic version is free (after you register). Subscribers get premium features. This software is a product of WordPress. Because the UA is a member of the Open Textbook Network, we have free access to a Pressbooks account. Please contact Cheryl Cuillier if you're interested in creating an open textbook.

Editing open textbooks

The Open Textbook Network has published a guide, Modifying an Open Textbook: What You Need to Know, which focuses on the technological aspects of editing open textbooks found in the Open Textbook Library or elsewhere, and will help you assess the effort, expertise, and technical tools needed. In addition, this guide includes step-by-step instructions for importing and editing common open textbook file and platform types. Finally, this guide provides a basic overview of accessibility considerations and general guidance on where to find additional help.

ASU employees and students have free access to Adobe Acrobat Pro DC for editing PDFs .

See more OER authoring tools

Resources for Open Textbook Authoring, Editing, and Adapting

Accessibilty Resources

Accessibility in Open Educational Resources is Resilience - NEW in 2021 from OER and Beyond, the Official Blog of the International Journal of Open Educational Resources

PCC Guide to Web Accessibility for Online Classes - Step by step guides to making course materials accessible, contact information for support at PCC, and a link to PCC's Web Accessibility Handbook.

BC Campus OpenEd Accessibility Toolkit - Addresses the needs of users with limited vision or other disabilities in accessing your OER.

University of Georgia Accessibility Resources - Includes a helpful list of questions about accessibility.


Open Textbook Publishing Orientation (Pub 101)

NewPub101 is open to Open Education Network members. Consortia may extend this invitation to their institutions.

Pub101 is designed for project managers and OER librarians. It focuses on what’s involved in creating a publishing program, rather than how to write a textbook or use a particular publishing platform.

New Titles

This section will feature NEW OER titles.

Media, Society, Culture and You / Mark Poepsel - an approachable introductory Mass Communication text that covers major mass communication terms and concepts including "digital culture." It discusses various media platforms and how they are evolving as Information and Communication Technologies change. (Mark was able to feature OER creation as part of his tenure dossier at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.)
Principles of Financial Accounting / Christine Jonick, Ed.D. - a needed contribution to open source pedagogy in the business education world.
British Literature II: Romantic Era to the Twentieth Century and Beyond / Bonnie J. Robinson, University of North Georgia - Featuring 37 authors and full texts of their works, the selections in this open anthology represent the literature developed within and developing through their respective eras. This completely-open anthology will connect students to the conversation of literature that has captivated readers in the past and still holds us now.
Beginning Excel / Noreen Brown, Barbara Lave, Julie Romey, Mary Schatz, Diane Shingledecker - "This textbook was written for a community college introductory course in spreadsheets utilizing Microsoft Excel. While the figures shown utilize Excel 2016, the textbook was written to be applicable to other versions of Excel as well. The book introduces new users to the basics of spreadsheets and is appropriate for students in any major who have not used Excel before."