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2015 E. James Holland Symposium on American Values - Space Exploration and American Values: Videos

Events and speakers for the annual E. James Holland symposium

E. James Holland Symposium, 2015

In 2015, Colonel Eileen M. Collins (USAF RET) was the keynote speaker for the E. James Holland Symposium on American Values at Angelo State University in San Angelo, TX. The videos below cover her lecture and question and answer session.


Questions and Answers

Colonel Eileen M. Collins: Leadership Lessons from Apollo to Discovery

From the Chicago Humanities Festival:

Pioneering astronaut Eileen M. Collins talks about her experiences as a rare woman in the Air Force, her run-ins with public perceptions of her role, NASAs lessons from the Columbia accident, and what she likes about space travel. Colonel Collins spans the distance from Houston to Mir in recounting scenes from her career. She projects the future of NASA, considering several possible space ventures from her uniquely informed vantage, including space tourism and other methods of commercializing the interplanetary experience.

Eileen Collins: Space Pioneer

NASA Video: Born in Elmira, New York, Eileen Collins became an astronaut in 1991, after being selected for the astronaut program while attending the Air Force Test Pilot School at Edwards AFB, California. Fifteen years ago, On February 3, 1995 she claimed a unique place in the space history by becoming the first woman to pilot a space shuttle -- Discovery. And in 1999 Collins went on to become the first female commander of a space shuttle mission, STS-93. During her time at NASA, Collins logged over 6,751 hours in 30 different types of aircraft. She retired from NASA in May 2006.

Eileen Collins - Leadership: Lessons Learned from the Space Shuttle Era

The Florida Institute for Human & Machine Cognition (TheIHMC) presents Eileen Collins - Leadership: Lessons Learned from the Space Shuttle Era

Eileen Collins: Let's talk about Math

From the National Museum of Mathematics video provided courtesy of Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum.

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