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How to Use Microfiche


1. Slide out tray and load the selected microfiche into glass opening.


2. Turn on microfilm machine.

3. Select the PowerScan program on the desktop.

 4. Adjust the zoom, brightness, tilt, and contrast of the article, if needed. For more information on these tools, check out the guide next to the machine.


5. Drag the green corners to resize the capture window on where you want to scan.

6. Use the negative button to switch the colors to read on paper.


7. Plug in USB drive to USB port.

8. Select Scan to Drive #2 to select USB drive (can save as a PDF, JPEG, TIFF, etc.).


9. Unplug USB drive from computer.

10. Turn off microfilm machine.

11. Exit out of PowerScan program.

12. Place microfiche in box are when finished.